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Earn Up To 25% on your LVSC Referrals.

Are you a naturally given person? Be an LVSC affiliate partner  and help others embark on extraordinary adventures and new fun, while you earn a recurring commission for life for every member you sign up.

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Recommend Membership, Earn Commissions.

The Las Vegas Steppers Club is a social dance club offering Chicago-style steppin classes, travel, social events and more throughout the year. The LVSC affiliate program is the only steppin affiliate marketing programs in the world and that share its profits.

Become an Partner

Participating in the lvsc affiliate program is..simple!.

I f you're not familiar with affiliate programs. No problem. The LVSC affiliate program couldn't be simpler. Just follow these three steps below, and start earning commissions. It's a straightforward process that allows you to leverage your network and earn extra income effortlessly.

1. Sign up

Get going, immediately!. No special skills are required. You don't have to install any software.

2. Recommend

Share LVSC memberships with your audience , Track your work. You can see and analyze all your stats and payments

3. Get Paid

 You will receive timely payments each month for the leads and customers you refer. We don't miss a beat!

Become an Partner

Welcome To LVSC Affiliate Program Guide.

In this guide, I will show you:

  • How does LVSC affiliate program work

  • What are LVSC affiliate program commission rates

  • How much can you earn with LVSC affiliate program

  • Why should you join the LVSC affiliate program

  • How to become a LVSC affiliate

  • Key rules and conditions of the LVSC affiliate program

I'm here to guide you through everything you need to know about our program and how it can benefit you. from live chat, videos , written content and promotional tools. Let's get started.

LVSC Affiliate Rep.

Big Tony Owens!

LVSC Offers Two Options To Become An Partner:

Paid Members.

Apart from the benefits you receive as an LVSC member, you have the option to use the affiliate program to earn commissions on two levels: tier 1 and tier 2 (details below) for every new member you sign up to the club. The best part? You don't need to lift a finger! We've already enrolled you. Once you become a member, your unique link and promotional materials are readily available for use! logo in here.

LVSC Affiliate Team 

None members

Affiliates who are not LVSC members do not receive membership benefits. However, as a partner of the LVSC affiliate program, you earn commissions from tier 1 for signing up new members. and tier 2 (details below). You become eligible for bonuses, incentives, and participating in promotional contests. Additionally, you'll receive commissions on future products and services.

LVSC Affiliate Team

What Does The LVSC Affiliate Program Means To Us?

It represents a opportunity to impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. It serves as a pathway to financial independence and personal empowerment, allowing individuals to take control of their financial futur. Through the program, we share the club's profits and provide people with the opportunity to earn as much extra income as they desire. While they sleep. Whether it's paying bills, covering car notes, or even starting their own business, affiliates can achieve their financial goals by earning commissions through promoting LVSC membership products. Moreover, it means our members can enjoy the benefits of their membership without paying anything out of pocket. See below. 

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LVSC Affiliate Rep



Annual cost for the following product list and the number of signups.

  • 1yr - Membership $480 / 32 signups
  • 96 - Classes $960 / 64 signups
  • 12 - Social House Parties $120 / 8 signups
  • 2 - Annual Events $250 / 17 signups
  • 4 - Privates $240 / 16 signups
  • 4 - Workshop $200 / 14 signups
  • 2 - T-shirt $70 / 5 signups


or signup 155 members and you get paid $2,320 per month / Annual $27,840

Let's cut to the chase: You've been referring people to businesses like Amazon, coach hand bags, gyms, your favorite travel destinations, and more without seeing a dime for it. It's time to change that. Now, you have the opportunity to get paid for those referrals, and here's the best part: there's no risk to you.

Become An Partner

LVSC Affiliate Team

Future LVSC Products

Membership represents LVSC's top-tier offering.

 In the future, additional affiliate revenue opportunities will arise from our diverse range of products.

Annual Events


Steppin Classes


Privates Lessons


LVSC Store


Social Parties






Healthy & Wealthy


How Tier 1 and Tier 2 Affiliates Work Toghter

LVSC unique, multi-tier commission structure of the LVSC affiliate program allows you to earn commissions on sales generated by even the second tier of affiliates you recruit: those who sign up under you( tier 1). In simpler terms, you can earn money from every sale made by your direct recruits.

Become A Partner

Additionally, if any of your (tier 2) affiliates become a LVSC members, they'll still fall under your umbrella, meaning you'll continue to earn revenue from their tier 2 sales and their own membership purchase.

LVSC 2 Tier Affiliate Program Commission Rates

Get on board!, The membership introductory prices are for a limited time.

Non Member

Get Paid

Silver $40

Get Paid

Gold $60

Get Paid

Platinum $100

Get Paid

Commission Rate






Tier 1





Tier 2 





You Can Earn Monthly

Tier 1: @100 Members 

$750 & Up (12.5%) @$60

$1,000 & Up (25%) 

$1,500 & Up (25%)

$2,500 & Up (25%)

Tier 2: @100 Members

$360 & Up (6%) @$60

$500 & Up (12.5%)

$750 & Up (12.5%)

$1,250 & Up (12.5%)

contests: Bonuses/Incentives

Membership Benefits


Promotion Tools

Use the custom affiliate links we share to spread the word about LVSC membership via Text, social media, YouTube channel, blog articles, email newsletters, banner ads, and other digital content and start earning recurring commissions

Become an Affiliate

Who Is Affiliate For?

All Affiliate Program Work The Same. You Have To Make It Work!


  • Influencers typically have a large following on social media platforms and are often sought after by brands for collaborations and endorsements.


  • A go-getter is someone who takes initiative, is motivated to succeed, and is willing to work hard to achieve their objectives


  • Entrepreneurs are characterized by their innovation, creativity, and ability to identify opportunities in the marketplace.

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