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LVSC Affiliate Program


LVSC Affiliate Signup

  • Step #1: Go to LVSC Website

  • Step #2: Click on the affiliate signup button

  • Step #3: Fill in your details

  • Feel energetic all the time

  • Step #4: After you complete the registration form you should immediately access your affiliate dashboard

  • Note that as an affiliate, you are required to uphold the highest possible standards regarding your ethical and legal conduct.

    Become An Affiliate

LVSC Affiliate Login

To log in to your LVSC affiliate account, all you have to do is go to their main website. At the top of the page, you’ll be presented with an option to log in to their account

If you forgot your password, click on ‘forgot password,’ and an email will be sent with the reset link.

Become An Affiliate

How to Access the LVSC Affiliate Dashboard?

  • Step #1: Log into your LVSC account.

  • Step #2: Hover on the Account avatar at the top right corner of your dashboard and click affiliates.

  • Step #3: Click the ‘log into your account button’ now on the top right corner.

  • Step #4: Finally, you’ll have access to promotions and materials approved for you.

Become An Affiliate

How to Find LVSC Affiliate Link?

LVSC is the easiest way to generate links and banners for your affiliate marketing. When you log in to your affiliate dashboard, look at a small navigation icon called Links

  • Click it.

  • Copy your affiliate links and start promoting them.

Become An Affiliate

Other LVSC Affiliate Promotional Tools

Along with your effort, LVSC also assists in increasing sales by providing the right tools for you to get started.

Become An Affiliate

Now, what about if they upgrade?

If you promote the upgrade, you get the full commission. If we (Groove) promote the upgrade, you get the full commission. But, if another affiliate creates content or a bonus that secures the upgrade, they deserve something too. That’s why this program is so awesome….


  • You still get half commission for bringing the lead in and the person that sends it over the top with the upgrade receives the other half.


  • So what that means is that if you are a free member and you normally get 20% commission, if another affiliate closes with the sale, you get 10% of the commission.


  • And if you are a pro member and you normally get 40% of the sale, if another affiliate closes the sale, you still get a 20% commission (which means that you will earn recurring income every month just for bringing in the lead, even if another affiliate closes the sale.)


  • With Groove Affiliate Assist - nobody loses. It’s a win-win. Every time.

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