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Rules and Conditions of the LVSC Affiliate Program

It is essential to consistently comply with FTC guidelines when promoting our products, services, and memberships. Before promoting LVSC, you must agree to our affiliate agreement. Additionally, if approved for this affiliate program, refrain from using the following promotional methods listed below. Violation of these rules may lead to termination from the affiliate program and forfeiture of any outstanding commissions.

Furthermore, you are prohibited from swiping or repurposing any content that is not designated as promotional material. Attempting to manipulate the system will result in the cancellation of your account and voiding of all commissions earned.

You Must Follow LVSC Affiliate Commission Rates Guidelines

When promoting LVSC through the affiliate program, it's imperative to adhere to the prescribed commission rates and guidelines. Failure to comply with these rules may result in disqualification from earning commissions.

  • Avoid sending spam emails or using unsafe lists.

  • Refrain from offering cash rebates to individuals who purchase through your affiliate link.

  • Do not use words such as "scam" in your promotional campaigns.

  • Avoid engaging in cookie stuffing or using fraudulent credit cards.

  • Do not make personal purchases using your affiliate code.

  • Do not purchase LVSC products through your own affiliate links.

  • Do not encourage individuals to sign up again with a new email to receive bonuses, thereby disadvantaging other affiliates who made the referrals.

  • Do not engage in any other prohibited activities not explicitly listed here.

Furthermore, do not swipe or repurpose any content that is not designated as promotional material. Violation of these rules may result in the cancellation of your account and the voiding of all commissions earned

Rules, Affiliate Terms and Conditions.

Please read our rules. By joining and promoting our affiliate program you agree to the following:

Commission Payouts

Affiliate payouts occur monthly. Your commissions are released after 37 days. (30 days + a 7 day buffer period to handle refunds in support.) You can expect your commissions to be paid, on average, between day 37 - day 42 from when the sale is made.

Some of our sales start with a trial (e.g. $0 for 14 days). In that case, you will see a sale notification for a commission of $0. When the trial period ends and the referral makes their first payment, you will receive another commission notification, payable in 37-42 days from the payment (not the trial).

Payment is made only after achieving two valid sales. Your payment will not be processed until you have completed the necessary payment method and tax information in your affiliate account. For any queries regarding your commission, please reach out to [email protected].

Unqualified Sales

Purchasing through your own link will result in disqualification from payment. Our affiliate program is not intended for personal purchases, and it does not serve as a rebate or discount platform

Refunded sales will not earn commissions.


Occasionally, refunds may occur beyond the refund period. In the event of a chargeback or refund after you've already been paid, we'll implement a clawback on your account, deducting those amounts from your current or future commissions.

Acceptable Practices

Always ensure compliance with FTC guidelines when promoting our products and services. Certain promotional methods are strictly prohibited, and you must refrain from using them. Engaging in these prohibited promotional methods may lead to termination from the affiliate program and forfeiture of any outstanding commissions.

1. Refrain from sending spam or utilizing safe lists of any kind.

2. Avoid offering cash rebates to individuals who purchase through your affiliate link.

3. Do not use negative language such as 'scam' in promotional campaigns.

4. Ensure that our product/offer is accurately represented and comply with all applicable endorsement rules and regulations.

5. Do not engage in cookie stuffing, as doing so will result in non-payment of commissions.

6. Steer clear of using fraudulent credit cards obtained from sources like paste bin, etc.

7. Do not encourage purchases solely to qualify for a prize, such as by suggesting buyers to choose the lowest-priced option, cancel after 30 days, and send receipts for bonuses.

8. Collaboration with previously partnered individuals on front-end products is permitted, provided you are recognized in the industry as a business partner; however, first-time partnerships do not qualify for prizes but can partner for commissions without restrictions.

9. Avoid creating negative review sites.

10. Ensure that your SEO review sites contain genuine reviews. Commission payments will not be issued for commissions if you copy and repurpose our site content. Instead, craft your own unique and honest reviews. You may use our YouTube video embeds directly from our channel, but you may not use LVSC videos on review site pages.

Prizes and Promotions

All prizes will be provided in USD cash equivalents. Throughout affiliate promotions, you have the opportunity to collaborate with other affiliates to become eligible for prizes. However, first-time partnerships are not permitted; you may only join forces with individuals you have previously partnered with on your product. It is essential that you are recognized within the industry as a business partner. To qualify as a team, all team members' information must be submitted in writing to [email protected] before the promotion commences.

Contest prizes for leads are granted at our discretion to eligible affiliates. To be eligible for a lead contest prize, you must have previously appeared on our leaderboard (or provide evidence of being on someone else's). Additionally, you need to have an established relationship with the lead you are contacting, and the lead acquisition should not involve paid advertising methods. Incentivizing registrations is not allowed. Lead prizes will only be disbursed if the leads collectively demonstrate standard conversion metrics, ensuring they are not deemed as "junk" traffic

If a tie occurs, the prize values for the tied affiliates will be combined and then divided by the total number of tied affiliates. For example, if there is a tie for first place among three members, the prizes for first, second, and third place will be summed and divided by three. Subsequently, the next highest-earning affiliate will be awarded the fourth place prize.

Promotional Tools

You have the liberty to utilize any swipe and promotional materials provided to you in the affiliate tools dashboard on this page and within your LVSC account. However, repurposing website content that is not explicitly designated as affiliate promotional material is prohibited. Nevertheless, you are permitted to use our YouTube videos embedded directly from our channel, except for videos specifically created for communication with our affiliate partners.

Affiliate Approval

All affiliates are automatically approved unless their account is specifically revoked for violating the rules outlined. Once approved, every affiliate is eligible for the 12.5% up commission program, following the schedule outlined LVSC members may receive up to 25% commissions on the first tier and 12.5% on the second tier, depending on their account level.

Gaming the System

We welcome only ethical affiliates to join our program. We reserve the right to withhold commissions in cases of fraud or any suspicious activities. Any affiliate attempting to manipulate the system will be banned, resulting in voided commissions and a permanent termination of their LVSC affiliate account. This will restrict you from promoting any of the tens of thousands of vendors on LVSC in the future.

Affiliate fraud can be perpetrated by individuals with malicious intentions and creative strategies beyond our imagination. As such, we refrain from listing all possible nefarious activities to avoid inadvertently providing ideas. However, here are a few examples for clarification: please refrain from engaging in any of these practices or similar shady behaviors

1. Maintain honesty and fairness in your approach to affiliate marketing. By utilizing our promotional tools through standard sharing methods within your network or with paid advertising, you'll be duly rewarded for your efforts

2. Falsely representing yourself as an employee or official representative of LVSC, or misleading the public in any manner regarding your association with the company, is strictly prohibited. This includes other deceptive practices not explicitly mentioned.

3. Enrolling influencers whom you are unfamiliar with by completing our signup forms with speculative email addresses to establish accounts without their consent is a practice that unfortunately occurs.

4. Encouraging individuals to sign up again with a new email address to receive your bonus, thereby disadvantageous to other affiliates who had already made the referrals, is unethical and undermines the efforts of fellow affiliates.

In conclusion, if you're uncertain whether your actions might cross ethical boundaries, it's safe to assume that they do. We encourage you to reach out and ask for clarification before proceeding. Your cooperation in this regard would be greatly appreciated. However, if you're reported to us by customers, fellow affiliates, or our fraud detection system, we take swift action without hesitation. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards shady affiliate practices. Should we discover any such behavior, we will terminate your account, deactivate your links, and forfeit any commissions owed to you by us or any other LVSC affiliates and Vendors. Additionally, your name, email, and IP address will be permanently blacklisted in our system. We value integrity and transparency among our affiliates, and we cherish those who uphold these principles

By becoming an LVSC affiliate you are agreeing to the rules, terms & conditions  

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