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"Get ready to enjoy, FUN! We don't care about your dance skills, just show us you know how to have an great time!"

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One Love, One Family, One Community


    "We're not just about dancing; we're about making positive change and growth. We're deeply involved in our community, teaming up with local businesses and collaborating with celebrity entertainers to create unforgettable times and more good times!"

    The partnership between the Dignity Health Wellness Center and the Las Vegas Steppers Club brought a unique blend of physical activity and cultural enrichment to the community.

    In a groundbreaking collaboration, two iconic names in the music industry, Morris Day and Big Daddy Kane, Collaborate with the Las Vegas Steppers to create a visually stunning video.

    Thrilled to see the dynamic collaboration between R&R Partners, a powerhouse in advertising and marketing, and the Las Vegas Steppers in a community steppin workshop.


    It's Going To Be A Party Y'all. 

    So, join the Social revolution! Leave your worries at the door, embrace the good vibes, and create memories that will last a weekend. We promise, it's gonna be nice! Mark your calendars and SAVE THE DATES!

  • Saturday April 20th : LVSC Social House Party

  • Saturday May 18: LVSC Social House Party

  • Saturday June 22 LVSC Social House Party

  • More Upcoming Events


    You Have 5 Mins To Get To Class

    We understand that some of us may have begun with two left feet, but that's all part of the journey! In the classes, you'll fall in love with the fun drills, the energy, and so much more. Just get ready to learn something new, connect, and have an absolute blast. Join us. 'let's Go To Work Steppers".

  • Come Inside The Class


    Elevate Your Style!

    "and Own it!:

    What's the difference between Looking great vs good looking? Feeling awesome. Know put your shirt on and go live it up. Wear it in class, at the social house party and work.



    Join Us At The 3rd Place...

    The routine of leaving home, going to work, and returning home can become very boring. Many seek a third place to break the cycle, a space where they can unwind, socialize, and rejuvenate. Enter (LVSC), Step into your 3rd place and redefine your after-work experience.

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    Experience The Joy Of Having Great Times :

    In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, We find moments of genuine connection and joy with our loved ones LVSC,  They truly knows how to capture these moments, and their photos and videos are a testament to the joy, love, and togetherness they bring to their community. 

    Photos and Videos

    Book A Private Lesson

    Book Your Private Today

    Personalized Instruction: Each private lesson with Big Tony is tailored to your unique needs and skill level. He'll provide individual attention, helping you polish your footwork, improve your timing, and enhance your overall dance style. All I'm saying is, I can make you a bad steppers! Click and see if i'm available.

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    We Are Family

    Hey there! It's Big Tony, and I want you to meet our amazing team. Every week, we laugh, have fun, and share hugs. We all have our own lives, but the benefit is when we come together to experience that special feeling of One Love, One Family, One Community. We don't won't to go back to our first place, HOME! So stop missing out on a warm hug!. Join us and get yours.

    Kathleen (L) Bre'Anna (R)

    As the COO  and COO Assistant of LVSC, we can honestly say that we have found our passion and purpose. It brings us immense joy to serve the incredible members and students of our club. Their energy, enthusiasm, inspire us.

    Big Tony! Owens 

    It's Me, reaching out with gratitude and enthusiasm. One of the core values that fuels the heartbeat of our community is the profound joy in helping others. it's not just about the moves we make; it's about the hearts we touch along the way. Keep dancing, keep helping, and let's continue making a difference together.

    Meet Some Of The Team

    We are honored to be a part of LVSC and to play a role in shaping the dance journeys of our members and students. We look forward to continuing this incredible journey together, creating memories and celebrating the power of dance in all of our lives.

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